Aug 15, 2023

Upcoming Posts

  • A Strauss Miscellany 
  • Johann Heinrich Schmelzer's Coat of Arms
  • Unknown Documents concerning Paul Kammerer
  • Unknown Documents concerning Oskar Kokoschka's 1912 Marriage Attempts
  • The Chess Master Karl Hamppe: A Short Biography
  • At the Grave of Adolf Schwarz
  • A Concert Report in the Diary of Carl Ludwig Costenoble
  • The Death of Chess Master Julius Perlis
  • The Will of Carl Ferdinand Pohl
  • A Donizetti Discovery
  • The Rediscovery of Carl Czerny's original Will
  • Two Seals of Joseph Haydn
  • A Seal of Franz Schubert?
  • A Rediscovered Lanner Autograph

This list is not complete. For obvious reasons some topics of research cannot be revealed in advance.

Questions and inquiries submitted via e-mail cost time to be answered. And since time is not free, requests can only be answered if they come with a donation.

I call attention to the fact that all digital copies of historical documents on this blog (unless otherwise indicated) are first publications. Hence, the unauthorized use of these files, whose creation is based on a great amount of personal work and financial effort, is a violation of copyright. While most archival documents are in public domain, their digital copies are not. If the threshold of originality is so low – as some freeloaders have repeatedly claimed – it is reasonable enough to have readers themselves order scans of documents directly from the archives. I also want to point out that all posts on this blog are being regularly updated.


  1. I thought you were also working on an unknown letter by Aloysia Lange. Are you still working on that one too?

  2. That one will be published in print.

    1. BTW, I recently came across an edition of a work from Beethoven's lifetime which seems to have been formerly owned by Pohl, but "...since time is not free" I wouldn't like to waste your precious time. Anyway good luck with all the researches you mentioned. I sure hope that they shall bear fruit in the coming years.

  3. I am an historian in Paris, working on the history of mesmerism.
    I noticed that you wrote a long time ago an article on Dr. J. Bernhard (Mehrere Bernhards. Die Lösung des Dr. J. Bernhard-Rätsels), which I unfortunately don't have access to.
    I assume it refers to Mozart's physician, Dr. Johann Bernhard.
    If so, perhaps you can answer a question I have.
    This doctor's second wife was a certain Anna Maria von Bosch. Is she a relative of Anna Maria von Bosch (or von Posch), the wife of Franz Anton Mesmer? If so, this would explain how the Mozarts became involved with Mesmer during their second stay in Vienna in 1773.

    1. You must have seen that my article about Dr. Bernhard was published in a Schubert journal. The article has nothing to do with Mozart.