Sep 16, 2012

An Unknown Mozart Work

In November 1828 Carl Mozart, "Translator beÿ der Maÿländer Central-Staats-Buchhaltung" in Milan, received a fee of 170 gulden from the I. & R. Court Chamber in Vienna for his translation of Joseph von Szarka's Lehrbuch der Comptabilitäts=Wissenschaft into Italian.

The entry in the Court chamber's 1828 protocol concerning Karl Mozart's fee for the translation of Szarka's text book (OESTA, FHKA, NHK, Kamerale Ö Bücher 211)

The order from the I. & R. Court Chamber, dated 6 November 1828, to pay Carl Mozart a remuneration of 170 gulden for his translation (OESTA, FHKA, NHK, Kamerale Fasz. 10 – 70/Dez. 1828)

Vol. 2 of the 1823 edition of Szarka's text book

The title page of vol. 1 of Carl Mozart's translation which was published in 1831 in Milano

In his official Tavola di qualificazione (table of qualification), which he wrote on 30 April 1839, Carl Mozart listed his translation of Szarka's book among his professional activities.

A page from Carl Mozart's 1839 autograph Tavola di qualificazione in the holdings of the archive of the Austrian ministry of finance (OeStA, FHKA SuS Pers ORH 7081)

Avendo in seguito coadjuvato alla traduzione dal tedesco in italiano dell' Opera del Professore Szarka intitolata "La Scienza dei Conti", gli fù accordata nel 1828 dall' eccelso Direttorio aul.[ico] dei Conti la rimunerazione di fiorini 170
Having subsequently assisted with the translation from German into Italian of the work of Professor Szarka titled "La Scienza dei Conti",  in 1828 I was granted by the high directorate of the chamber a remuneration of 170 florins.

From this table of qualification we also learn that in 1815 Carl Mozart was commissioned to translate the regulations of the Austrian military from German to Italian.

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  1. Interesting! How did you happen to come across this little piece of history and are there other extant traces of his work in Milan?