Sep 16, 2012

An Unknown Mozart Work

In November 1828 Carl Mozart, "Translator beÿ der Maÿländer Central-Staats-Buchhaltung" in Milan, received a fee of 170 gulden from the I. & R. Court Chamber in Vienna for his translation of Joseph von Szarka's Lehrbuch der Comptabilitäts=Wissenschaft into Italian.

The entry in the Court chamber's 1828 protocol concerning Karl Mozart's fee for the translation of Szarka's text book (OESTA, FHKA, NHK, Kamerale Ö Bücher 211)

The order from the I. & R. Court Chamber, dated 6 November 1828, to pay Carl Mozart a remuneration of 170 gulden for his translation (OESTA, FHKA, NHK, Kamerale Fasz. 10 – 70/Dez. 1828)

Vol. 2 of the 1823 edition of Szarka's text book

The title page of vol. 1 of Carl Mozart's translation which was published in 1831 in Milano

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  1. Interesting! How did you happen to come across this little piece of history and are there other extant traces of his work in Milan?