Jul 1, 2020

To whom it may concern

In the course of almost eight years I published 93 "posts" on this blog. The time and work I invested into these publications, which are based on top quality original research, equal an investment of about 100,000 Euros (112,500 USD). Because I lack the time and means to further pursue this rather expensive hobby, I cordially invite everybody who is interested in the continuation of this enterprise – which is not a blog, but a scholarly journal –  to make a donation to keep this blog alive. Any amount, be it ever so small, will be gratefully accepted.
Dr. Michael Lorenz
IBAN: AT18 1200 0007 9903 1141

"Meine Geduld setzt den Hut auf, und ich seh's' völlig nach'n Stock greifen, mir scheint, sie geht aus." (Johann Nestroy: Der Unbedeutende)