Jun 16, 2014

Mozart: New Documents

Dexter Edge and David Black are pleased to announce the availability of a new online resource, Mozart: New Documents, a website presenting previously unknown references to Mozart or his music during his lifetime. Many of the new documents have been located through the expanded search opportunities of large-scale digitization projects such as Google Books, while others have been found using traditional methods.

Over 30 documents are available in this initial publication; we expect to add at least 60 more in the coming weeks, and our research continues. For each document we present a facsimile of the original (where available), a transcription, and commentary. Among the highlights of our first installment are previously unknown reports of the premieres of Le Nozze di Figaro and Così fan tutte, a previously unknown benefit concert given by Mozart in 1787, and a name-day serenade in Vienna in 1789 that featured the composer's "latest symphonies."

The site is a work in progress, and we welcome comments, corrections, and notifications of other new documents.


Dexter Edge and David Black



  1. Hi Michael - this sounds good. Is there a way to "legitimize" such websites, so that they become "official" scholarly sources and/or publications. It's about time that the horrible problems you have faced with your own online publications should be alleviated. Anyway, good luck to this endeavor! David Montgomery

  2. Leofranc Holford-StrevensJune 16, 2014 at 1:42 PM