Feb 24, 2018

Upcoming Posts

  • An Illegitimate Child of Carl Maria von Weber
  • A Donizetti Discovery
  • Unknown Stadler Documents (Part I)
  • The Family of Carl Schlechter
  • The Violinist Dobieerczil: a Snapshot of Current Mozart Scholarship
  • Two Seals of Joseph Haydn
  • An Unknown Letter by Aloisia Lange 
  • The Seal of Emanuel Schikaneder
  • An Unknown Letter by Francesco Benucci
  • Bonno Documents
  • At the Grave of Joseph Sonnleithner

This list is not complete. For obvious reasons some topics of research cannot be announced in advance.

Updated: 9 April 2018

Some readers have expressed concern regarding the decrease of the frequency of my posts during the last two years. As I explained in June 2015, my research is very time-consuming and I'm not getting paid for my online-publications. If my readers are not willing to support this blog with enough donations, it will have to be discontinued. I would also like to point out that questions and inquiries submitted via e-mail cost time to be answered. And since time is not free, requests can only be answered if they come with a donation.

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