Feb 24, 2018

Upcoming Posts

  • Robert Franz Müller: the Unknown Part of his Estate
  • About Arthur Kaufmann
  • A Rediscovered Score by Joseph Lanner 
  • The Will of Carl Ferdinand Pohl 
  • 'In spite of all my misfortune and bad luck in all variations, my life has been rich and wonderful.'  –  New Light on the Life of Paula Wolf Kalmar
  • The Original Will of Natalie Bauer-Lechner
  • The Marriage Documents of George Szell
  • A Donizetti Discovery
  • Unknown Stadler Documents (Part I)
  • The Rediscovery of Carl Czerny's original Will
  • The Family of Carl Schlechter
  • The Violinist Dobieerczil: a Snapshot of Current Mozart Scholarship
  • Two Seals of Joseph Haydn
  • An Unknown Letter by Aloisia Lange 
  • The Seal of Emanuel Schikaneder

This list is not complete. For obvious reasons some topics of research cannot be revealed in advance.

Updated: 16 February 2020

Some readers have expressed concern regarding the decrease of the frequency of my posts during the last two years. As I explained in June 2015, my research is very time-consuming and I'm not getting paid for my publications. If readers are not willing to support this blog with donations, it will have to be discontinued. I would also like to state that questions and inquiries submitted via e-mail cost time to be answered. And since time is not free, requests can only be answered if they come with a donation.

On the occasion of a recent copyright infringement, I have to point out once again that all the digital copies of historical documents on this blog  (unless otherwise indicated) are first publications. The unauthorized use of these files, whose creation is based on a lot of personal work, represents a violation of copyright. While most archival documents are in public domain, their digital copies are not.


  1. Thank you! Those sure sounds interesting. Do you intend to review some of the recent Mozart books, that is publications to books from 2015-2017? It would be interesting in read what you have to say about essays and books such as "Authenticity and Likeness in Mozart Portraiture" by Cliff Eisen, "Mozart in Vienna: The Final Decade" by Simon P. Keefe, "Mozart's Music of Friends" by Edward Klorman, "Mozart's Chamber Music with Keyboard" by Martin Harlow and "Pianos for Haydn, Mozart and Beethoven: change and contrast" by Michael Latcham.

  2. My time is too precious to waste it on this kind of publications.

    1. Dear Dr. Lorenz,
      I am currently considering of purchasing a copy of the book "Mozart. Experiment Aufklärung". I have no idea of what the table of contents looks like, but since the essays there include one by yourself, then it must say something of the scholarly flight. Is it so?
      I saw that there are two different books published under this name. One is with a grayish cover (888 pages), the other - black with a red frock in the middle (416 pages). In which one can one find your essay? What is your personal opinion of the other essays in the volume?